Eniseli is made with Rkatsiteli grapes in the Eniseli micro-zone, within the Kvareli district. The various brandy wines cultivated herein are distinguished by high acidity and a low sugar content. Eniseli, created by Tsitsishvili, a world renowned grape processor, is a source of pride and fame among the Georgian wine-brandy manufacturers. Eniseli is aged 16 years. Winston Churchill, a true connoisseur and bon vivant appreciated the fine colour and refined taste of Eniseli. In fact, he rated this great brandy on par with the best of France's brandies.
APPELATION: Kvareli the Kakheti region
GRAPES: 100% Rkatsiteli
APPEARANCE: Pleasing amber colour
BOUQUET: Gentle and fine aroma with a pronounced vanilla flavor
STRENGTH: 40% alcohol by volume
AGED: 16 Years
TASTE: Smooth and velvety
A perfect accompaniment for desserts, chocolate and fruits.